Yvette Ayala
Debbie Brown

Description: The Wildlife Law Committee’s purpose is to promote and assist the public, law enforcement, and members of the legal profession in understanding the laws, regulations, and court decisions involving animals that are neither human nor domesticated (“Wildlife Law”). This includes providing information on recent case law, statutory and regulatory developments impacting wildlife, and new initiatives involving wildlife. The Wildlife Law Committee is a substantive committee of the Animal Law Section that promotes the exchange of ideas within the Florida Bar and with other organizations and sponsors publications and programs, including educational seminars and community outreach events.

The Committee, through these efforts, educates the general public, lawyers, and related professionals on Wildlife Law and regulation, and assists attorneys in discharging their professional responsibilities to their clients on such matters. This includes examining opportunities to improve the quality of Wildlife Law practice and to share emerging trends and new statutory and regulatory developments that affect various areas of the law and the public interest. The areas of Wildlife Law to be addressed include, but are not limited to, human-wildlife encounters, habitats, and invasive and endangered species. The Committee’s objectives are carried out by its members and through subcommittees, including the Marine Mammals, Zoological Parks and Aquariums Subcommittee and the Human-Wildlife Interaction Subcommittee.